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Multimedia TradeWind Limited‘s objectives are to design and develop PC based dealing simulation software and distance learning products for the financial markets industry. The company's products include the WINDEAL suite of dealing simulations, WinFOREX, the unique PC based study aid for candidates for the industry standard qualifications from ACI – The Financial markets Association and ACi-train the interactive i-phone app for these candidates.

Dealing simulation software

Flight simulators do an excellent job in keeping runways free of red-faced student pilots and wrecked L-plated Jumbo jets, and simulators for the financial services industry can be just as effective. The risk of financial disasters caused by ill-trained or inadequately supervised staff can be greatly reduced by the use of such technology. It can also improve the sometimes limited understanding of financial trading in supervisory staff, a particularly sobering thought after the various criticisms contained in the Bank of England report on Barings' managerial supervision after the Leeson scandal in the mid nineties, the Ludwig report following the 2002 AllFirst Maryland trading losses and the more recent losses and concealment problems announced by National Australia Bank in their FX and options trading operations in 2004. Sadly the list of ‘rogue traders’ or perhaps more appropriately ‘rogue management’ continues with the Societe Generale Paris and UBS London scandals in the last few years. Even the recent LIBOR rigging and Foreign exchange market manipulation issues hanging over major banks might be more readily understood and prevented by their management were they to better understand the financial markets in which their dealers operate.

It is a well-held belief among regulators, bank management and market practitioners that all personnel connected with a Treasury or Capital markets dealing operation should be familiar with risk and where that risk originates - on the dealing desk, even if they themselves may never actually deal. To give all an institution’s personnel exposure to dealing in a real market environment is impossible. Giving them experience of dealing in a virtual environment however provides them with vital experience / understanding of markets and risks gleaned during hands-on dealing simulation sessions. To this end Multimedia TradeWind Limited, a member of the Lywood David International Group, working with the software developers Tradewind Design has created the WINDEAL range of PC based dealing simulation products.

Multimedia TradeWind Limited's, dealing simulation products include WINDEAL for Spot and WINDEAL for Money market software products and are PC based ways of gaining experience of these vital financial markets. They are useful in applying theory, particularly that acquired on a training course, in a realistic and challenging simulation of a modern financial institution’s dealing room.

figure 1: The Institute of Banking Studies mock dealing room in Amman, Jordan

figure 1: The Institute of Banking Studies mock dealing room in Amman, Jordan

All software is developed in association with and is © Tradewind Design, an independent software developer with whom the company has worked to design and develop WINDEAL and WinFOREX products for approaching twenty years. The WINDEAL dealing simulations are a series of PC based software products, each featuring different aspects of the financial markets. They provide an ideal training environment no matter what the level of experience of the trainee. WINDEAL dealing simulations run on PCs under the MS Windows operating system and provide a virtual dealing environment where the computer assumes the role of the market in which the trainee is operating. The trainee is responsible for quoting and closing deals, managing risk positions and keeping within limits. The dealing day continues apace and, influenced by pre-programmed market trends, news flashes and deals already undertaken, the trainee has to respond to a stream of dealing requests from brokers, other bank counterparties and the in-house corporate dealer whilst himself attempting to anticipate market trends and manage the risks in the bank’s resultant positions.

figure 2: A PC running WINDEAL for Spot FX

figure 2: A PC running WINDEAL for Spot FX

These dealing simulations are not however arcade games! The trainee operates in a market environment governed by prudence, limited by trading limits and counterparty credit limits - any or all of which can be altered at the whim of the Training Administrator. Virtually every aspect of the systems are parameter driven with the Training Administrator able to define the currencies traded, money market instruments, quotation methods, risk position limits, bank/customer counterparty names and credit limits - even the financial centres and associated world time zones displayed on the dealing room wall clocks can be customised via the administration facilities! The current product range consists of WINDEAL for Spot FX simulating the Spot exchange market and WINDEAL for Money market featuring the interbank short term cash money markets - including Commercial loan rating and funding, trading T-Bills / Bills of Exchange (Bankers Acceptances), Secondary market CDs and, at the highest training level, permits the use of short term derivatives (Financial Futures and FRAs) in either a hedging or trading capacity. Screen based reports include cashflows and mismatch (gap) positions together with dynamic P&L information. WINDEAL for Money market also incorporates the management of up to three simultaneous currency cashflows and mismatched maturities, with operations controlled within liquidity and balance sheet constraints together with capital adequacy concepts and practicalities able to be included at various training levels. The position keeping facilities on each WINDEAL simulation system replicate some of the best dynamic systems available to dealers in the real world and together with sophisticated hard copy reporting the product is an incredibly effective and flexible training tool. WINDEAL dealing simulation software has over the years featured on many of Lywood David International Limited open courses. WINDEAL is also installed in many leading banks’ training centres, universities and banking schools around the world. WINDEAL clients are listed elsewhere on this website. Further information on the operation and use of WINDEAL for Spot FX and WINDEAL for Money market is available elsewhere on this website.

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